Invitation: Media briefing by Football Legend Patrick “Magic” Mboma and Play for the African Union Ambassadors

International and National Media Houses

June 1, 2011

Dear Madam or Sir,


We are pleased to invite you to a luncheon meeting to interact with ‘Play for the Union’ Ambassadors as well as participate in the first friendly match between two teams coached by world known African Legend, Camerounian Patrick Mboma and Internationally recognised Ethiopian coach Johannes Teseme. The meeting will take place on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at 2pm at Beshale hotel, CMC area, and leave for a friendly match at the Insurance Football Club, Kaliti at 3pm.

This luncheon meeting will provide a unique opportunity to interact with Patrick Mboma and the 22 Play for the Union Ambassadors and understand their passion for the game and their vision for Africa where every citizen has a right to live a healthy and peaceful life without any discrimination.  This is part of the continental campaign launched by State of the Union (SOTU) coalition.

SOTU is a coalition of civil society organisation from nine African countries. Our aim is to advocate and monitor the implementation of African Union standards, treaties and decisions.  SOTU has prioritised 14 key AU instruments on democratic governance, economic and social rights and civil and political rights.

The Play for the Union is a continental campaign to publicise this initiative and pressurise African Governments to ratify and implement the 14 instruments at the national level. Our facebook page now has close to 20;000 fans. The campaign uses football as an entry point to mobilise citizens to pressurise their governments to take action. The 22 ordinary citizens were identified from 21 countries across the continent. The players have been trained by the two coaches in preparation for the Grand Unity Match scheduled to take place in July 11 in Blantyre, Malawi during of the 19th AU heads of States and Government summit hosted by President Joyce Banda of Malawi.

Transport will be provided from the hotel to the football ground and back leaving at 3.00pm. Opportunity to interview the players and the coaches will be provided during the friendly match.  Please confirm your participation to the contacts provided below to allow us make necessary arrangements.

Jamillah Mwanjisi, SOTU Coalition Coordinator

For more information: Abel Abate, Tel: 0911870980,  Narcisse N’zi, Tel: 0927944907

Play for the Union!/PlayfortheUnion

 What is Play for the Union?

 Organised by the State of the Union coalition (, the Play for the Union campaign brings together over 20,000 people from all regions of Africa together to discuss and reflect on the type of continental integration that would make a difference for their lives and what matters to them. Utilising the opportunity of the Africa Cup of Nations, the Play for the Union campaign follows and documents the life stories of 22 men and women who love football and their continent. The 22 men and women have been selected by Patrick Mboma, Nkwankwo Kanu XXXX, world famous football personalities, from thousands of applicants across Africa. We shall follow their preparations for a unity match to be held in the margins of the AU Summit, Lilongwe, Malawi on July 11th 2012.

The campaign is expected to raise the following issues and more;

  • The challenges of being African on a disunited continent
  • The huge gap between the context and reality of millions of peoples’ lives and the text in continental policies and treaties agreed by our Governments
  • The importance of citizen’s participation in the development of the African Union

The Play for the Union popular mobilization campaign will give an opportunity for citizens to speak and act on the ideals of the African Union ideals and the shared values of justice, prosperity and democratic governance. The State of the Union (SOTU) coalition is committed to popularisation, implementation and realisation of 14 policy standards and legal instruments in the lives of every African man, woman and child.

The SOTU coalition expects to mobilise thousands of Africans to become active citizens and pan African actors for these 14 AU standards and instruments. By getting involved with civil society organisations at the national and continental level, these citizens will press for an accelerated pace of implementation and public accountability system that will keep Governments in check regarding the promises made to their people.

Why was the Play for the Union campaign started?

Established in 2001, The African Union brings together 54 Governments under the vision of a united, peaceful and prosperous continent. The 33 articles of the Constitutive Act of the African Union outline the goals, governing principles, structure and administrative functions of the African Union.

The common denomination linking and underlying all the articles is the core concept of safeguarding and improving the level of respect for the shared values, which exposes a set of reciprocal rights and duties between African governments and their people.

The problem however lies in national Government’s failure to comply with the African Union’s decisions on integration, development and people’s rights. The lack of accountability systems monitoring the compliance of each African state has lead to the slow ratification and implementation of numerous African Union instruments. In the mean time, the gap between policies and reality keeps expending.

It is within this continental climate that the Play for the Union campaign emerges to offer a platform from which the influencing capacity of citizens can grow.

We are playing for the Union, will you?

Visit, like and join the conversations on our Facebook page


Who are the Ambassadors of the Play of the Union campaign?

Our Ambassadors, team coaches & football legends

Patrick Mboma

As a former football star, Mboma is one of Cameroun’s football legends was born in Douala Cameroun in 1970. He started his career in 1990 playing for the French club PSG as a striker. He later moved to the French club La Berrichone de Chateauroux where he scored 17 goals and was crowned 3rd division French Champion in 1994.  He moved to Japan to play for the Gamba Osaka club in 1998, and then returned to Europe in 1998 where he benefited from great recognition with the renowned Italian football club Parme and its European football legends. Mboma ended his career as a footballer in 2004. He will forever be known for:

  • Winning the ‘Ballon d’or african’ or African Golden Ball title in 2000
  • He was the best striker of the 2002 CAN & the 2004 CAN playing for the Team of Cameroun
  • He was the best striker of J-League in 1997 (scoring 25 goals) with the Gamba Osaka
  • He has been nominated as the 5th best African Player of all times
  • Winner of the CAN in 2000 & 2002
  • Champion at the 2000 Olympic games with the Cameroun football team

Patrick Mboma is now a successful sports consultant and agent for the Cameroun Federation of Football. He also is a very successful businessman and an active political spokesperson on Africa. He is the General Director for Hope Finance, an organization which injects important investments in local African businesses, support African entrepreneurs and offers overall simple solutions to improve the day to day life of Africans. His proven record of activism and valuable democratic investments towards the development of the continent’s economic sector makes him an ideal ambassador in support of the African Union’s cause on matters of continental welfare.


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