A vision for 2013 (with thanks to Liz)

Heard this story recently, thought the message was a great one to share for the coming year.Two men lie in a hospital ward for the terminally ill. Each morning the man nearest the window entertains the other with stories of what is happening outside the window. As the seasons change, he describes in great detail, the jacaranda blossom, the green grass, the beautiful women walking below and the tears of relief and happiness as patients leave with their relatives.

Waking one morning, his listener discovers his story-teller friend is no more. His bed now lies empty. Missing his vivid descriptions, he requests to be given his place by the window. On being moved, he discovers to his astonishment that the window faces the wall of the next building and below lies a dirty alleyway. He expresses his surprise to the nurse only to be met with a similar look of surprise. “No sir, that cannot be the case,” she says. “Why not?” he asks. “The man was blind” she replied.

As you create and live each and every moment of 2013, may you have the power to create and realise visions that border on fantasy.

And I am especially speaking to the visually sighted and those of you with 20/20 vision…

Have a great new year,




2 thoughts on “A vision for 2013 (with thanks to Liz)

  1. I struggle to remember in what book i read that inspiring story – but it was presented as a joke,a piece of humour! I didn’t find it funny – I was sad because a great creative mind had died.Later I was excited – he hadn’t died unheard! I loved it…BUT WHERE DID I READ IT? Who was the author? I’ll never remember…


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